Induction heating: fast and clean

Fast, efficient and very safe, Bertazzoni induction hobs offer a very versatile and simple way to cook. Easy to control, easy to clean and very elegant in design. The black tempered glass surfaces fit comfortably with many kitchen styles, whilst projecting an elegant, refined look.

Precision and speed

Induction worktop heat up quickly for precise cooking – perfect for the home chef looking for professional standards of control. The time-to-boil on induction heating zones is twice as fast compared to the most powerful residential gas burners. Each cooking zone is indicated by minimal graphics with maximum technology to give you an elegant modern look that is simplicity itself to operate and keep clean. Bertazzoni induction worktops offer best-in-class automatic safety systems, including child locks, overheating and overflow protection built-in. The glass around the cooking zones is always cool, reducing the risk of accidental burns.

features / technologies
Induction hobs
  • High speed from 3 to 6 induction cooking zone configurations
  • Immediate heat up and cool down
  • 60% faster time to boil than regular electric ceramic glass hobs
  • Intuitive LED display user interface and child safety lock
  • Bridge function on top models
  • Available models with integrated hoods